Working on the perfect swing

Working on the perfect swing

There are a few set motions to follow in order to be able to execute the perfect tennis swing. By following these motions as closely as possible the individual will be able to master the swing well enough to break the opponent percentage of the ball possession, thus improving the chances of scoring points.
The following are some tips on how to go about perfecting the tennis swing:

 Getting ready to receive and return the hit would require the player to keep the racquet in a back position all the time. One the ball is hit by the opponent, the player should immediately react and move to a position that would be ideal to receive and return the ball with a quick and fluid motion.

 While establishing the balance in the stance, the player should be aware of allowing the stoke to be played while letting of with the non dominant hand while keeping the racquet pointed away from the intended target at a waist high position. Maintaining enough space between the body and the ball when in the final position to return the shot is important. Always ensuring the ball is hit from a waist high stroke will help to keep the balance and the return stroke accurately placed.

 Making contact with ball when the racquet head is positioned at the same height as the hand is important and this should be done while remembering not to bend or straighten the arm. Moving the wrists to accommodate the stroke is also not encouraged as it will change the direction of the contact on the return stroke. Instead the player should be accustomed to rotating the shoulder while keeping an eye on the ball at all times to calculate the ideal return stroke.

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